The original Kühltek Motorwerks raised roof reinforced case. Our pent-roof performance case has all of the features that are needed for maximum performance on both street and strip. Ported & smoothed for better oil flow. Reinforced around the head stud area. Drilled and tapped for full flow. Large oil pick-up. Shuffle pins installed on cemter main saddles.
  IAP Complete Performance Head
  • 40mm intake valves X 35.5mm exhaust valves.
  • Reinforced combustion chamber.
  • 3 angle racing valve job.
  • 3/4" spark plug reach.
  • Stainless steel valves, chromoly retainers & hardened keepers. Cut for 85.5 mm liners.
  Dress up your engine compartment with this chrome , Kühltek Motorwerks centrifical advance distributor. Includes distributor cap, rotor, points and condenser. Kühltek Motorwerks Chrome 094 distributor has the ideal advance curve for everyday performance. Fits Type 1 1946-1974 , Type 2 1950-1974, Karmann Ghia 1956-1974, Type 3 1962-1967.
  Kühltek Motorwerks T-4 Forged Counterweighted Crank 78mm T-IV Crankshaft 78mm 2.0 Jrnl. New Kühltek Motorwerks Forged Counterweighted Crankshaft! 4140 Chromoly Forged Counterweighted Crankshaft 69mm 8 Doweled Journals.
  Kühltek Motorwerks high performance 4340 chromoly H-Beam connecting rods are manufactured in a wide variety of lengths with either VW or Chevy journals to fit your exact engine configuration. We only use the strongest high quality 4340 chromoly for our forgings. Each Kühltek Motorwerks rod set is balanced to ensure even performance in every cylinder. Our H-Beam rods are clearanced to work with large stroke crankshafts.
  Forged 4340 Chromoly Racing Rocker Set
  • 1.25 Ratio.
  • Billet Shaft with Aluminum End Caps.
  • Race Proven Quality.
  • Increases lift by 20% without changing camshaft.
Kühltek Motorwerks T-4 200mm Forged Flywheel 12V T-IV
Light Flywheel.

Kühltek Motorwerks T-4 215mm Forged Flywheel 12V T-IV
Light Flywheel.


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